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I Wanna Grow Old With You Lyrics

Okay you guys I'm gonna sing
You this song right now
This is a kind of a sweet song
I sing it to my wife
Because she let's me talk about so many things
In front of you people
And she doesn't even get mad at me
She's pretty damn cool
So here we go...
I met you 20 years ago
And we talked all night
You drank me under the table
Yeah, it was love at first sight
I knew right then and there
I'd grow old with you
I said I'd tell you jokes whenever you are sad
Make you a mom, if you made me a dad
Oh, it's been so much fun
Growing old with you
Oh, oh
I love you
Foot rub you
Tell you you're the only one I'm thinking of
Make big decisions with you
Try new positions with you
Even sit and watch
Fucking Eat Pray Love
Two times in a row
Now when I'm on a diet
You take away my potatoes
Say "Fuck all those guys"
After reading Rotten Tomatoes
I hope they all die miserable deaths
As I grow old with you
You scold me
You hold me
Look the other way
When I dress like a pimp
You cry to me
You lie to me
But only when you tell me
That the dick looks big
Now, we don't need a big house
We don't need any money
All we need is you and me
And Sadie and Sunny
I got everything I want
Growing old with you
Thanks for growing old with...
Alright y'all, thank you so much
Respect... rock & roll
I love you too, let's do it again some time (thank you)

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